Hope this recovery has some wheels

As a youngster in Yakima in 1934, I delivered papers for a group called the Townsend Plan. The plan is an old-age pension plan that was proposed in 1934 by Dr. Francis Townsend of Long Beach, Calif.

It provided that all citizens of the U.S. over 60 years of age be paid $200 a month. The funds were to come from a 2 percent tax on the transfer or sale of goods. Supporters to the Townsend Plan believed that it would stabilize American prosperity, because those receiving pensions would be obligated to spend the money within a month.

Maybe FDR got the idea for Social Security in 1935 from this. It took our government about six years and World War II to get our economy back on track.

Let’s hope our economy will recover faster than it did then.

Rod Reynolds