How you label yourself matters

In the early days, I actually thought I wanted 10 kids so I could purposefully let it be known that I was a low-maintenance lady, so I would not be a passed over bride. After marriage, I did notice that high-maintenance ladies were pictured in the society section of newspapers always wearing fashionable outfits and doing something benevolent, while low-maintenance me was at home raising three kids, patching jeans and canning peaches.

Things change! Now I am proud to announce that I am a high-maintenance lady! Do you know why I gave myself that powerful and positive label? It’s because I like to chew, hear and see.

That label has been very helpful to me. I just turned 90 and now I am more than just a crazy old lady that might kick the bucket any time soon, I am a very important, high-maintenance lady. I can also find it useful in handling conversations with anyone who has an ailing body part. When you are all heart and no brain (hopeless) you truly care and will listen forever, forever and forever. But if the conversation gets to something like this: “And would you believe this? I actually have to pay $25 a pill for my second botched knee surgery!” That’s when I say, “Congratulations! It’s nice to know that you are a high-maintenance man!” That new label always seems to change their sorrowful self assessment.

What kind of label can you give yourself?

Ardell Morgan


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