If anyone’s a thug, it’s Bieber

Last week we had two popular figures in the news; star Seahawk Mr Richard Sherman and pop-star Justin Beiber. Mr. Sherman gets blasted in the media by various members of society and called a “thug” for his hardnosed matter-of-fact way of playing after making one of the greatest plays in football. After making a historical play at a highly emotional time an interview takes place which was very adrenaline- and emotion-driven. Because of this interview Mr. Sherman is labeled a “thug.”

Then we have Justin Beiber, whose residence gets searched for evidence of malicious mischief — egging a neighbor’s house causing thousands of dollars in damage; then, arrested for DUI, reckless driving and resisting arrest.

After reading and seeing what the media has presented, the question must be asked who the “thug” is? One thing for sure anyone can tell who is a very poor role model. Mr. Sherman is not a thug by any stretch of the imagination but one thing is as clear as glacier water, Justin Beiber is a poor excuse of a role model and public figure.

Go Hawks!

Rodney Rochon