Ignorance poses the most danger

In response to the Sunday Viewpoints commentary “Self-defense-laws-increase-violence” by Emily Bazelon: Clearly spin from one who openly admits hoplophobia, and a lack of understanding, “I cannot understand for the life of me.” Can you imagine not understanding a right to live over your assailant? For the life of me I cannot! Thankfully we can ignore unconvincing gun control cheerleaders based on their fear, and failure to comprehend.

While some advocates are barely heard, others are far more direct, telling you they hate guns, and that no American should own one. The danger is both spread biased, and misleading information. Doctrine targeted on stripping the right of life from innocents, “insidious” Emily calls it, willing to transfer absolute power of life and death to violent criminals, “deter violence” as Emily describes.

Readers should be very wary of educated adults claiming they do not understand; they understand perfectly well the drastic increases of violence associated with gun control, it’s history cannot be erased. I find it un-American of those seeking to eliminate the right of individual liberties, and the very suggestive nature that criminals intent on killing you should not be put in harm’s way. Take the take the time to understand before others are condemned innocents to death, based on fears and ignorance.

Let us be reminded of this family, “Okla woman shoots, kills intruder,” and the vast many others alive today because of the right of self defense.

Jeff Stone