Ignorant claim truly misguided

While driving in the city of Oak Harbor, I saw a sticker that read, “Republicans are American Taliban” on the bumper of a pickup truck. I was shocked to see the claim that an American political party is a heinous organization dedicated to the demise of our nation.

I have to assume one of two things: either the owner of the truck had no idea how horrible this statement is, or the owner is a member of the Taliban. Either way, to claim a political party is a murderous, radically religious organization is tantamount to declaring the Republican Party a terrorist threat to the United States.

The political rivalry between the Republicans and Democrats has gone on since the Civil War, but a person should not be vilified just because of their political beliefs, nor should a political party be condemned because others do not agree with their beliefs. Since the American Revolution we have struggled to rise above the hatreds and bigotry in the differences of races, creed and religion.

There are forces at work attempting to undermine the basic tenants of our concept of governing a diverse group of people who call themselves Americans, all of whom are different, but insist on equality. We exist as a nation because we respect each others’ differences.

A movie made in America has infuriated the Muslim world because of the religious content. Should we allow someone to sow the seeds of hatred by comparing a recognized political party to a terrorist movement? To denigrate members of the Republican Party by claiming they are the Taliban is to claim the Republicans are murderers, rapists, and destroyers of Christianity’s highest principles.

Is the driver of the pickup truck too naive or politically ignorant to realize the enormity of the effect the bumper sticker has, or is the driver a member of the Taliban?

Richard M. Brauer