Ikea meatball, anyone?

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

We’ll leave the umlauts on for you: Ikea, the Scandinavian retailer known for oddly named assemble-it-yourself furniture, says it plans to open a chain of hotels in 100 locations across Europe, starting with two inns in Germany in 2014.

A spokesman said the hotels won’t use Ikea’s name or furniture, but guest rooms are a maze that leads from bathroom to bed; there’s no pool, but kids can play in the ball room; and rooms open with an Allen wrench.

“Scoop” sat here: The desk and chair that Everett native and U.S. Sen. Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson used in his Senate office in Washington, D.C., is being loaned by the city of Everett to be displayed at the University of Washington’s Allen Library.

The desk, one of Ikea’s Lesvik models, was hand-assembled by the senator and still bears an Allen wrench scratch on the left rear leg.

Not the sharpest Allen wrench in the toolbox: The state Libertarian Party has filed a lawsuit to block GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, R-H&R Block, from the general election ballot, claiming the Republican Party does not qualify as a major party in the state, citing a creative reading of state law.

The Libertarians, however, were working from a copy of the state RCWs that they picked up at Ikea and had misinterpreted from the original Swedish.