Immediate help with Israeli model

In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, much discussion has occurred about making schools safer. People have suggested banning assault rifles, although this seemed to have little effect when it was done in 1994. Others have suggested tightening the background check rules for gun buyers, and looking at the mental health system to make civil commitment of unstable individuals easier. Still others have suggested looking at the culture of violence glorified by video games, movies and TV, and the effect it has on young developing minds. I say, yes, let’s look at all the above, but all of those proposals take a long time to have an effect.

I want to put forth the Israeli model as something we can do right now to protect the kids. Many have seen the picture on the news of the Israeli school teacher overseeing her students coming into school with what looks like an assault rifle over her shoulder. If the principal and psychologist that reportedly tried to overpower the gunman in CT before they were shot had been armed, the outcome might have been far different. Why not encourage teachers, staff or even parent volunteers that are willing to undergo training and background checks to carry at least a 9mm pistol?

I, like many others have had excellent training in the use of pistols and assault rifles, courtesy of the United States Marine Corps. Then we could get rid of those idiotic “Gun Free Zone” signs, which tell criminals they are safe there. Replace them with one that says “Staff Carry Weapons. If You Threaten These Children, You Will Not Be Shot Without Warning, Because … We Are Warning You Now!” Which do you think would be more likely to give criminals or terrorists second thoughts?

Donald R. Standley