Impact statement needs review

The City of Everett’s 1991 environmental impact statement has created a lack of sufficient parking for Boeing employees who need to park during first shift. More Boeing employees should be considered a plus for anybody who runs a business in the area or any government agency that receives their tax dollars.

Whom do we contact in order to inform the City of Everett about their review of the 1991 environmental impact statement? The review needs to include the negative impact caused by the lack of parking on Boeing employees’ mental health, stress level, and inefficiency when they are required to travel between Boeing sites.

Changing work hours, or carpooling, is not always the solution for these people, and I would say that obviously that is the case, since it is not being done. To try to force, or as some say “encourage,” people to change their hours or to carpool is a great disservice to us Boeing employees and does not treat us as adults.

The review needs to take into account that, while fish and birds and clean land and water and such are important, the mental health of persons who work to pay taxes is, or should be, equal to or more important, than fish and birds. Build more parking, such as a multi-tiered parking garage – the most sensible answer for employees – so the employees don’t have to stress out because they can’t find a parking spot and end up having to park illegally or literally a mile away from where they work.

Persons who work at Boeing pay the taxes that become part of the reviewers’ salaries. They need to be accorded better status than fish and birds.

Michele and John Weber