Independence would be welcome

It occurred to me, now that the “silly season” is over with the obvious passage of the same-sex marriage bill, pending lawsuits and other challenges, and other silly things, i.e., plastic garbage bags and other frivolous pending legislation, that maybe our esteemed legislators will be able to focus on things that are more important to keeping this state afloat.

Things such as the budget, education and transportation that keep this state running. It appears that there is no compromise in either house on these issues. If your party does not suggest a solution, there is no way either side will entertain an alternative. If you look at the “Roll Call” column in The Herald on Saturdays, you cannot help but notice that all votes are usually strictly along party lines. I had always thought that these people could think for themselves and not fear party leaders, but I fear my thoughts have been severely misplaced.

The only answer, it appears, is to raise taxes or increase fees, without regard of the impact on the residents of Washington state.

Dick Killebrew