Inequalities need to be addressed

I’m writing in response to the Dec. 4 letter where the writer states that the Affordable Health Care Act did not make health care more affordable and that 300 million people got “hosed over” to provide insurance to 23 million. He writes that his health insurance premium is going from zero to $1,200 a year in 2013. I have never heard of health insurance with a zero premium. Someone must be paying it! I would guess that if he has been paying a zero premium, his insurance has been subsidized by the taxpayers in one way or another.

If he is employed and paying a zero premium, then he is probably getting his insurance from his or his spouse’s employer, and he is receiving it tax-free and it’s a write-off for the employer. Thus it’s subsidized by all the taxpayers including those who buy insurance with after-tax dollars, and he’s “hosing” those people. If he’s not employed and is on Medicare, it’s also likely that his health care will be subsidized by the taxpayers, because on average, most people receiving Medicare now have only paid for one-third of the benefits they will receive.

Our health care/insurance system has too many glaring inequities and I think it’s way past time to consider all the people (not just those fortunate to have good employer-paid health care and those on medicare), and work toward better and fairer health care/insurance for everyone and hopefully the Affordable Health Care Act will be a start.

Sharon Larsen