Infusing life here with energy, art

I was pleased to see the article on the Schack Art Center, “Schack packs them in.” The “Schack,” formerly the Arts Council of Snohomish County, has been providing valuable and unique service to this community for almost 40 years. What began as a small gallery with homemade display panels has resulted in a professionally run arts center that serves a community hungry for its’ art.

Monthly exhibits and the many community events, such as Fresh Paint and the Artist’s Garage Sale, have brought life to this city. The new location is a gem. Its connection to Arts Space is unique and of great benefit to Everett.

I was impressed by two comments in your article, both by Ms. Lanie McMullin. In commenting on the Schack, she explains that its success is due largely to the fact that “They have brought art to us.” This is true for the community and it is true for the schools. For many years, the art center’s staff and volunteers have made art something for everyone to enjoy and experience. Placing art out in the community, supporting artists in the schools, and putting art in our streets and on our waterfront has resulted in what we are experiencing today — people showing that they want to live with and among the arts.

I also agreed with Ms. McMullin’s final comment, “Creativity always, always, always begets energy…” I only wish that our public schools could understand this point. But, it is the basis of what’s happening at the Schack Art Center. We have many volunteers, staff members, and artists to thank for this.

Lloyd Weller