Insensitivity misses the point

Reading between the lines (or just reading) of Mr. Davis’ column in Wednesday’s paper about the Seattle minimum wage, I get the impression that he, like so many, don’t get it. (“Step back, watch wage hike implode”).

I don’t mean that he’s theoretically wrong. He may be. But what I feel is that he doesn’t understand the financial crises people face daily. This comes out, for instance, in his school lunch comment. I’ll never get being against nutritional meals for struggling families.

I applaud the Seattle City Council for taking a bold enough move to perhaps get real answers to this growing injustice.

I’m tired of analysts behaving like the working poor are an economic statistic to be understood as business concepts. These workers are not payroll or a human resource. They struggle in a culture where so many thrive. A series of solutions and adjustments are not optional.

If an increased minimum wage is not the answer, make a constructive comment. The status quo is clearly not OK. And remember many feel all will benefit from a growing middle class.

I feel that anyone who writes a column with this kind of insensitivity should be made to eat with a SNAP (food stamp) budget for a month.

Rick Walker