Inslee denies co-victims closure

Another Crime Victim’s week has come and gone, and this is where we are. Violent crime victims are co-victims. We have grief, pain and suffering; many different degrees and length of time. Much depends on severity of the crime to their loved ones. The victim’s death produces co-victims who never had the time to say goodbye, to say I love you, to say I am proud of you. This stays with each co-victim to different degrees. Many people cannot and do not understand.

The justice system can help bring some closure. This brings me to our state of Washington, which now has shut off the executions of the murderers. This is closure for many of the co-victims. The justice system already made a decision for execution, however, someone who is not a judge, not on a jury, not on an appeals court decided that co-victims are to be sentenced to additional grief, pain and suffering. How easy it was to dismiss the co-victims. Any closure that would be received is now denied in the state of Washington.

I have heard the stories first-hand. I have seen the tears. I have heard the tremble in the voice.

These co-victims have experienced years of trials, waiting for the verdict, appeals over years and some decades just to have justice for the senseless and cruel murder of their loved one. I believe it is not finished until the execution.

I can give Gov. Jay Inslee more insight to what I have seen, heard and lived.

Ken Paulson