Inslee made the right decision

I am extremely happy with our governor’s decision regarding the death penalty in our state. Many years ago I was a believer. I really thought the death penalty would be some kind of deterrent for someone contemplating a murder.

At this time I believe it has proven to have failed in many ways. Number one would be the length of time and cost to the state. It often takes more than a decade to get someone to execution. During this time, millions of dollars are spent by the state to file the many motions and appeals required. And as for deterring crime, we now know that just never happened. Add to this the number of persons who turned out not to be guilty of the crime they were sentenced to death for, in the first place.

Thanks to the fair and compassionate work of the organizations called justice project that have taken on the cases of those wrongly convicted, some lives have been spared.

I applaud our governor for this decision and hope that it will continue. The pole you are taking appears to show that this will not be a popular decision. Difficult decisions rarely are. In the end it will prove to be the right step.

Linda Varon


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