Inslee padding his retirement fund

When you see a political sign for Jay Inslee for governor, do you ever ask yourself why this man resigned his $180,000-a-year position as a U.S. Congressman to run for governor of the state of Washington? I can give you the answer in one word.


Inslee is 61 years old. He already qualifies for the congressional retirement stipend afforded to all who serve in the U.S. Congress. Now he wants a four-year term in the governor’s chair to get the retirement stipend for that position. And his resignation from his seat in Congress means that we, the taxpayers of Washington state, will have to shell out about $800,000 for an election to fill Inslee’s seat in Congress for all of one month!

What brass! How self-serving!

Let’s send Jay Inslee to the sidelines once and for all time! Vote for McKenna!

Gus Wenzel

Camano Island