Inslee’s lack of leadership costly

The Herald editorial board’s Tuesday endorsement of Jay Inslee is a far cry from a “ringing” endorsement. I would call it a “half-Democrat mascot” endorsement.

The Herald states “Inslee’s leadership matters” and I agree, but Jay has not shown leadership. He has voted 99 percent of the time with his party. That’s following, not leading. Jay can say he agreed 99 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi, and other members of his party, but we know they have been wrong.

Wrong about the stimulus, the health-care bill, spending, and creating jobs. So, if Jay agrees with his party, Jay is wrong. If Jay didn’t think his party was right, and voted with them anyway, he lacks the courage we need in a leader. Inslee’s lack of leadership has already cost us high unemployment, out-of-control spending, unsustainable debt … the list goes on.

If that is not a clear reason for a change, The Herald points to his long-standing “voice” for the development of a clean-energy economy. That is a voice for cap and trade. The Herald references two provisions authored by Jay for the “Clean Energy and Security Act” — both provisions are costly to the taxpayers. The second provision calls to provide rebates to help protect energy-intensive industries, such as the producers of aluminum, pulp and paper. These industries will only need “protection” if Jay and his party have their way. We can’t afford Jay Inslee to get it wrong or follow on this issue.

The Herald, for its own sustainability, should rethink its endorsement. With more of Inslee’s “leadership” we won’t have the 50 cents (HIGHER IN OUTLYING AREAS) in our pockets to buy The Herald!

James Watkins has my vote. Please join me and we will save The Herald from itself, for the sustainability of clean bird cages throughout the 1st District.

Mike Lillie