Insurance for profit unhealthy

In response to the writer of the Monday letter “Some of us will pay for everyone else,” there are some facts that need to be brought up. Ninety-five percent of all working Americans have had their taxes cut. Under Democratic proposals, beginning in 2011, only the people who earn over $250,000 ($200,000 for single individuals) will have their taxes increased.

The current health-care crisis began when Richard Nixon stepped into the picture and decided that health insurance providers should make a profit. Following suit, Ronald Reagan did the same thing with Wall Street, giving them tax breaks with his erroneous idea of the “trickle-down theory.”

At that point the tax burden shifted to the middle class. The middle class continued to absorb the burden through Ronald Reagan, the two Bush presidents and even Clinton until we have arrived in the situation we are in today. There is no middle class anymore — there are the wealthy and the rest of us who work to just make ends meet.

Remember the 1970s, when people didn’t have to worry about health insurance? Today, three out of five bankruptcies are due to medical debt. Getting sick should not ever lead to bankruptcy. Insurance should not be a luxury, but should be available to all American citizens regardless of income. Maybe a little socialism would be good for our country. We can’t afford to give insurance companies the free ride they have been getting for the last four decades; they need to start pulling their own weight.

James Quillen