Is it fair some pay more than others?

Taxes and taxation principles have always been part of the contentious edges of political debate. Many politicians have been successful convincing would-be voters to choose their philosophy over that of their opponent.

As we approach November elections, this debate could become the deciding factor for many of you. My challenge to voters? Define “fair.” Is it fair that some pay more than others? Is it fair that some pay nothing at all? We all use government services in one way or another, we all need to pay a fair share. Taxing one group more heavily because they consume more or earn more hardly seems like a feasible solution — if not from the realistic point of view, then from the administrative point of view.

Some call taxing the “rich” the right solution. The problem is, what do we define as “rich”? I don’t recall knowing of many jobs that are created by poor people — yet I don’t advocate stripping asset-challenged people of their assets a la Renaissance Europe.

You had better think this through, because the easiest path is being proposed by our leaders now. Tax those who provide the greatest opportunity to help our economy is the mantra of one of our parties. Guess which one and pick the opponent.

Don Thompson

Lake Stevens