Issue all pertinent cards at birth

Regarding the article, “Election day registration plan worries auditors”: Voter registration programs have long been viewed as some political way of getting the advantage over the other, as in ACORN. I personally view voter fraud as a serious crime. Too many people gave their lives for this nation to vote free and accepting any fraudulent activity is criminal.

Voting is a right; it works best when an individual takes responsibility for an informed personal choice.

Here is my solution. When a person is born in the United States, they are given a birth certificate. Along with that certificate a citizen should receive a voter registration card, Social Security card and, if applicable, a Selective Service registration card, all cross-reference with each other and put into a “Welcome to America” brochure. Immigrants at the time they pass their citizenship requirements receive the same brochure with the same references.

These documents become the responsibility of the citizen and responsible citizens will make a greater country.

J. Guy Boggs