It is time to stop the insanity

Mother Nature responded to the Fourth of July revelers on Friday the 13 by saying “take that”! And She did it without polluting the air with strontium for the “red,” aluminum or magnesium for the “white,” copper for the “blue,” or barium for the “green.”

We’re asked not to waste water, we’re not supposed to use plastic bags for our groceries, we’re encouraged to drive less, recycle to reduce waste, not to wash our cars in the driveway to reduce pollution in the storm water drains, and, this air polluting firework madness continues.

Where do these chemicals go when they’re exploding over water? How many animals must be frightened out of their wits for the pleasure of the few? Where is the concern for the elderly or citizens suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome or our returning servicemen or women that have to endure this noise?

How many hours of the police, fire departments and emergency rooms are taken up responding to this “celebration”?

I don’t know about your neighborhood but I find it interesting that people can afford hours of fireworks but very few fly a flag. And, doesn’t all the waste from the fireworks wind up in the landfills?

What are the children being taught? What is it going to take to put the real meaning back into the Fourth of July? If you have any suggestions on how to stop this insanity please let your legislators know. Enough is enough!

Carolyn Barkley