It really does pay to shop around

Regarding recent letters about insane dental costs: I have found it does pay to shop around.

I had been going to a dental office in Mukilteo for the past few years for cleanings and checkups. There was not much difference in cost from one dentist to the next. Turns out I needed a gold crown removed, and light decay removed. The decay was treated and another crown was installed. The dentist’s office wanted $2,700 to perform the procedure. I thought this fee was quite excessive; when I told the receptionist in the office I thought the fee was too high, she looked unpleasantly surprised and even shocked.

I went online and found a dentist in Snohomish who examined me, then quoted a cost of $1,100 to perform the same procedure. The Snohomish office had pretty much the same up-to-date dental equipment, and the dentist had more than 25 years experience.

I was very pleased with the work the office did for a fraction of the swanky Mukilteo office’s fee. It does pay to shop around when it comes to dentistry.

Keith England