It should be easier than wine tasting

Regarding the letter, “It’s easier to vote than taste wine”: Many picture ID cards are not generally free. If you want to vote in Pennsylvania according to the new law there, you can use a driver’s license, passport, or college/university card. Those are hardly available free of charge. Many voters live in counties far from where they were born. Getting a birth certificate, one of the requirements for a picture ID, would be extremely difficult, and probably not free.

A voter may have a Social Security number, but they may not have a Social Security card. Especially the elderly may need help in getting a new copy. Not all voters know how to drive or have a car if they do know. Not all voters are on Medicare, visit a courthouse, fly, or use a credit hard. In Pennsylvania, officials responsible for voter registration say that there are lots of residents in that state who will need assistance in order to be able to fulfill the new voter identification requirements passed by the state Legislature. They also add that voter fraud was not a problem that needed a solution. Voting is a duty of every adult citizen. It should not be a duty made more burdensome by government.

Mike Molly