It’s a small galaxy, far, far away, after all

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

May the Mouse be with you: The Walt Disney Co. announced that it is buying Lucasfilm, the maker of the “Star Wars” franchise, for $4.05 billion and will make more episodes of the popular sci-fi movies.

Already Disneyland character employees are desperately kissing up to their supervisor to avoid being the one who has to wear the Jar Jar Binks costume.

One Gulp at a time: Like much of the East Coast, New York City is struggling with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, including the shutdown of its subway, power outages and flooded tunnels.

Among the emergency measures put in place after the storm, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has lifted the ban on soft drink cups larger than 16 ounces, provided that the empty cups are then used to bail out tunnels and subways.

Fortunately, Paul Shaffer was there to parrot the punch lines: One other hardship for New Yorkers was the cancellation or postponement of concerts, performances and TV shows. A Bruce Springsteen concert was rescheduled, and while David Letterman went ahead with his show, he played to an empty studio.

TV viewers noticed no change in audience reaction, even in an empty studio, during Letterman’s monologue.