It’s an injustice to deny fraud

Regarding the Wednesday letter, “Cries of fraud are what’s fraudulent”: It’s hard for me to comprehend that requiring voters to actually be who they say they are is such a controversial issue these days, but apparently it is.

The writer cites a study by the Brennan Center for Justice that claims to have measured voter fraud at a level of .00009%. Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams calls the Brennan Center “[o]ne of the most dishonest and aggressive voter fraud deniers.” Adams further notes that five months before the Brennan Center report was released, he prosecuted a massive voter fraud case in Noxubee County, Miss. The Brennan Center ignored this data because it did not fit their desired outcome.

The right to vote is one of the most precious that we as United States citizens have. The attempt on the part of the Brennan Center and other left-wing organizations is an attempt to dilute the votes of U.S. citizens by allowing any and all to vote, using the names of dead people, pets, and cartoon characters (recall the efforts of ACORN members tasked with filling out voter registration cards during the 2004 gubernatorial election here in Washington state).

How difficult is it to get a government-issued photo ID? In many cases you can get one free of charge. If we don’t require a voter to show photo ID, how do we know that that person is entitled to vote? Without some reasonable safeguards, there would be no way to tell a legitimate vote from a fraudulent vote, which seems to be the true goal of the Brennan Center for “Justice.”

Mark Parker