It’s called disease, treated like one

I would like to reply to the Sunday letter about addiction being a choice, not a disease. This person is truly fortunate that she has not had the horrible experience of addictive behavior in her life. Me, my grandfather, my parents, my sister, niece, cousins and my children have all been stricken by this disease!

My son has been in and out of prison for years because of addictions. It was certainly not a choice to give up drugs or go to prison — the disease took over. My daughter lived in her car for six years because she could not stop using drugs. I fight with alcoholism. I know what is right but I have a disease that is very hard to fight. Fortunately, my kids have been clean for years, but they know that just one time using will put them back in the nightmare that many of us have faced. We have no excuses, we just need help and understanding. Asking for help is hard, but we cannot do it by ourselves. It takes hitting rock bottom, which a lot of readers will understand.

Shelley Brown