It’s fun to find the errors

I am one of the “dinosaurs” who still read the paper from cover to cover each day. I’m afraid this will come to an end before I do, but just to be “nit-picky”, I have to say that, second to the crossword puzzles, my greatest entertainment is spotting spelling, grammatical and usage errors that run rampant in the Herald. Some can be attributed to the failings of “Spellcheck” I’m sure but others are really questionable.

Some recent examples are (paraphrased):

The team eeked out a win. (Was there a mouse on the field?) Also, she wore high-wasted pants. Huh? The list goes on but you get the idea. One exception is Larry Simoneaux’s column. He rarely makes an error.

Keep ‘em coming! They provide a good start to my mornings.

Kathy Anderson