It’s the stuff of spy novels

Soviet master spies uncover an affair between the U.S. CIA Director and his close friend and author of a book about his military career. They instruct their spy in Florida to make additional sexual overtones towards the CIA director (a former four star general) which they hope will shake up the general’s mistress and force her to make some mistakes. They tell their spy in addition, to keep up her flirtations with the current acting U.S. Commander In-Chief in Afghanistan. They want to eventually blackmail him. Meanwhile, the FBI agent who discovered the general’s mistress, through their e-mails worries about his contacts with the Soviet spy in Florida, especially the bare-chested photo he sent her via his e-mail. He already has career problems from his disservice in South America. The FBI-agent has no idea that the woman in Florida is a Soviet master spy.

The American media asks again: “who knew what, and when did they know it?” Remember, if it wasn’t for the generals mistress and her threatening e-mails, nobody would know about this. Or would they? Someone knew something. What has happened to America’s integrity and honesty? Don’t ask the FBI or CIA. Ask the Soviets.

Ed Walton


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