It’s time to replace Murray, Inslee

It is time to replace our incumbents Patty Murray and Jay Inslee. We can’t afford them. It is insane to expect different results when we keep electing the same career politicians. Ms Murray and Mr. Inslee vote consistently for huge spending increases and bigger government; for borrowing more money.

According to both the Congressional Budget Office and the White House Office of Management and Budget, in 2008 53 percent of our GDP was borrowed money, and if congress follows Obama’s budget, it will be 90 percent in 2019. Patty and Jay have backed him on every vote so far. They won’t change.

Got any young people you care about? If we continue on the current path, no matter what tax category they are in, taxes for your children will double, and triple for your grandchildren. Government borrowing is condemning our future families to poverty.

These are accountants’ numbers; you can verify them yourself. Patty and Jay have been part of the problem and we need someone to fix the problem. They need to go home, and if our next representatives continue with more of the same, they need to go. This is not about a political party (both major parties are guilty), but about how well our children and grandchildren will live. They can not afford our congress’ spending habits.

Bob Passmore

Mill Creek