Jack and Skipper and Locke and Gilligan

Just sit right back: May sweeps, when television networks trot out their finales for seasons and series, begins April 29, and will include the last episode of ABC’s “Lost,” May 23, about the survivors of a plane crash marooned on an island.

Spoiler alert: The series will end with the revelation that the entire six seasons were just a bad collective dream of the cast of “Gilligan’s Island.”

2 old 2 text: A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that three-quarters of teens own cell phones, and 88 percent of those use them to send and receive text messages, which can be a source of conflict between kids and their parents and teachers.

Most teens said it wasn’t that they enjoy texting that much, but it offers the advantage of being a form of communication that is perplexing to adults and unlikely to be taken over like Facebook was.

Don’t know much about history: On this day in 1901, New York Gov. Benjamin Barker Odell Jr. signed a law that set the speed limit on highways at 15 mph.

The speed limit was followed a year later by a law prohibiting drivers from sending telegrams while behind the wheel: Darling wife stop will be home in 15 minutes stop what’s for dinner stop.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff