Jail real gateway to much worse

Isn’t it possible to be both against something and not want to see people sent to jail for it? Using pot for fun may be a waste of time and a drag on your brain — a lot like watching most of daytime TV, or gossiping on the phone, or any other activity people waste their lives with. But we send pot users to priso,n which puts it in a special category.

As for being a “gateway drug” to, say, heroin, a better example is codeine. And any gateway was opened when we gave 3-year-olds caffeine (cola drinks) and smoked tobacco in front of them.

I don’t smoke pot (I swear). But sending somebody to jail is torture. And if anything is a gateway to something worse, jail is it. So let’s swallow hard and stop caging up pot smokers. Just because you don’t care to do it yourself is no reason to ruin someone else’s life.

Doug Grandpre

Lake Stevens