Jobs argument doesn’t hold up

An editorial in the Oct. 24 the Seattle Times reported that mudslides along the railroad tracks canceled 70 Sounder North trains in 2011 and 41 in 2012.

The coal trains would be running along this same railroad track, spewing coal dust off the cars, some of which builds up on the tracks. Coal train derailments are frequently caused by this buildup on the railroad track. Couple that with the mudslides and it seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

The media and a few vocal residents shout out about all the new jobs that will come if the permit for the Cherry Point coal terminal is approved. It seems short-sighted to focus on a couple thousand temporary jobs that will be created to build the terminal while our environment is damaged and our waterfront towns disrupted. When the temporary jobs end, there will be only a couple hundred permanent jobs at the coal export terminal, most of them likely filled by workers with experience in the coal industry. Even if the permit is approved, it will be a couple of years until construction of the coal terminal begins. It doesn’t seem like the “jobs now!” argument is very valid.

Let your voice be heard on this important issue. Attend the hearing which will be held Tuesday, Nov. 13, 4-7:00 p.m. in the Wellness Center Gym at North Seattle Community College, 9600 College Way N., Seattle. It’s important to have a large community representation at this hearing, so please join us!

Sharon Sneddon