Just keep truckin’ in those tennies

Regarding the letter “Sen. Murray needs sartorial aide”: Really, the writer’s concern is with what Sen. Murray was wearing? I was focused on the concerns that were laid before her. I think she was as well. She was not there for a fashion show, so please try to focus your concern on the really important points — like the many unemployed trying to figure out how they will take care of their families.

I have to wonder about the writer of the letter; does she really think how the senator dresses matters to those suffering? I highly doubt it. I like how down-to-earth the senator is, and how she focuses on what is important. Thankfully, she is not focused on who she is impressing with what she wears. Some need a reality check on what is really important in today’s economy, and it is not what a senator wears. Sen. Murray, please keep wearing those tennis shoes and hoodies.

Denise Sutton