Karr the epitome of Christianity

Bruce Karr, the founder of the Farm Ministries in Snohomish, passed away Friday. (Saturday article, “Bruce Karr, founder of The Farm ministry, dies at 60.”)

For those of you who knew Bruce, you know what a very special person he was.

Bruce was the epitome of what it means to be a Christian. He was truly the most amazing example of what Christ wants us to be here on this Earth. Bruce was loving, kind, and accepting of everyone — loving them above all else. He took care of the homeless, and the children, those down in life because of life circumstances or just poor life choices — it made no difference to Bruce. He loved everyone. He saw people through the eyes of Christ.

Jew, Gentile, Christian, any denomination, unbelievers, addicts, convicts — it made no difference to Bruce. He saw into the heart and soul of a person. Bruce loved everyone God put in his path and he did it without reservation. He was a pure, kind and gentle man.

I can say beyond a doubt that Bruce Karr was The Most Genuine Example I have ever known of what we all should aspire to be during our short time here on this Earth.

Bruce was the male equivalent of Mother Theresa for the Snohomish area!

Thank you, Bruce, for showing us how it’s done and for being a light in the darkness for so many people. You will be missed greatly by all who loved you. Your work will continue to bring forth the fruits of your labor and you are now at home, at rest, and at peace with God.

Well done, good and faithful servant. I love you and am honored to have known you.

Conni Riley

Lake Stevens