Keep firearms out of state parks

The 2nd Amendment was written and implemented in the 1700s to prevent Congress from interfering with right of the states to maintain armed bodies of militia as Britain and the patriot colonial militia battled for power of the colonies.

In 1700s, the firearms were muskets. A musket is a weapon that took at least three minutes to load and it fired one pellet. Today, the AKM assault weapon fires 600 shots per minute.

Island County Commissioner Kelly Emerson, quoting “The right to bear arms is a fundamental right of this great nation” as justification for her proposed revision of Washington (RCW) 9.41.300 — which would allow people to carry firearms in our state parks.

Just imagine for a moment, walking a dirt trail, alone, the peace of the forest surrounding you. Birds chirping, an occasional deer or squirrel crossing your path and suddenly on the trail you come face to face with a man armed with assault weapons and two magazine belts of bullet clips strapped around his shoulders.

Your mind spins into survival mode, your adrenalin spikes to ‘fight to flight’ mode. Your heart races, you realize this isn’t a movie — this is Camano Island State Park. You and your dog have walked this trail hundreds of times without any fear. Now — suddenly you are choking with fear as this crazy person carrying an arsenal moves closer to you on the trail.

Emerson would like to turn the sanctity and beauty of our beautiful park systems into militia training camps. Emerson said “The safety of our citizens is paramount.” Really?

In my opinion, coming face to face, while walking on a state park trail with a man or woman carrying assault weapons, packing a 357 Magnum, or wearing a shoulder strapped weapon does not make me feel safe. This isn’t the 1700s — we don’t have a colonial patriot militia fighting the United States Government, or do we? I seriously question Emerson’s decision making abilities.

Caroline Stuart

Camano Island