Kudos for action on radio towers

Regarding the Oct. 13 article, “County’s new shoreline rules would allow radio towers to be rebuilt”:

I would like to commend the Snohomish County Council for taking action to correct the bad public policy that allowed the construction of radio towers in the most inappropriate location imaginable: prime farmland in a most scenic portion of the Snohomish River Valley, bordered by the County’s 1,500 acre Lord Hill Park on one side and the Bob Heirman Wildlife Preserve on the other side.

Councilman Dave Somers should be congratulated for taking the lead in proposing an amendment to the Shoreline Master Program that prohibit any new radio towers in our county shorelines. This amendment passed unanimously. The existing radio towers stick out like glaring beacons in this pristine natural environment, a daily reminder of the bad public policy that has thankfully, now, been corrected.

Joanne Hiersch