Kudos for funding crucial safety net

One major aspect of the recently released state House budget proposal was overlooked in the Wednesday article, “Budget plan erases budget deficit without tax increases” — the preservation of the state’s primary health care safety net. Prioritizing preventive primary care with the funding of Basic Health and Disability Lifeline will not only save lives, but will save the state millions of dollars by reducing expensive health crises and emergency room use. I believe our representatives took a courageous step towards protecting these essential services.

These programs enable tens of thousands of struggling working families and persons who are physically and/or mentally incapacitated to manage chronic conditions, maintain stability and get back on their feet. Those who rely on these programs need exactly what all of us need — access to quality, affordable health care so they can be healthy and productive members of the community.

The House budget makes a wise investment in the health of Washingtonians and I applaud members for this commendable feat.

Bob Farrell, Chief Executive Officer

Community Health Center of Snohomish County