Law enforcement sought for reason

I was amused by the letter in Friday’s Herald accusing the Republican party of trying to suppress votes by requiring ID at the polls. (“Silencing voters silences dissent.”) The idea is irrelevant in Washington because we are now voting by mail.

In other states, however, voters do have to show ID. This is not such a hardship. Some people don’t have driver’s licenses, but they can get non-driver IDs from their states. This is a small inconvenience to insure the integrity of our election process. Who objects to this? People who are counting on illegal votes, that’s who.

The label “suppression” is used to turn people’s attention away from those committing vote fraud to the officials whose duty it is to enforce the law. It may be true that the Republicans are encouraging enforcement more than the Democrats. This tells us something about which way the fraudulent votes are trending.

John Carlin