Leave wages to the market

So King Obama now says he will “go it alone” without the cooperation of the Senate and House. Didn’t our forefathers create our system of government precisely to eliminate this sort of dictatorship? He says he will increase the minimum wage on all federal projects. While he can buy himself a few votes with this ruling, it will increase the cost of all future federal projects, which are already highly inflated due to other federal regulations. And who pays for these projects? The taxpayer, of course. The new costs will not come out of Obama’s pocket.

Then we have Gov. Inslee, who also wants to increase the minimum wage statewide. The cost of goods and services all over Washington will increase in cost accordingly, as will the state sales tax. And who loses the most? The guy on the bottom who now has to pay more for everything he buys, including more sales tax.

Already we see that the new mayor of Seattle will cost the Seattle taxpayers about $1 million to pay his new wage minimum. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that each and every person down the line will expect his or her pay to rise accordingly, leading to rampant inflation on all counts.

Is this really what these people were elected to do?

Mary Ann Monty


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