Left fears voice of the people

As a red-neck Southern tea-party person, I feel obliged to answer Dr. Schwab’s letter. Welcome back to the real world, where Harry Truman said, “If you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.”

Yes, we believe that FOX is telling the truth about the IRS and the NSA harassing the critics of the Obama regime, we have seen too many different interviews with people who have been targeted by government to believe otherwise. As far as his Foxaphobic rant goes, we truly believe that President Obama lied about the Affordable Care Act and its ramifications. My inhaler has gone up from $70 to $210 per month, my premium has doubled, and my deductible had tripled. And I liked my insurance, which was through my employer. At least I still have my same doctor.

I love the way liberals keep bringing up WMDs; what does he think killed those Kurds and Shiites — poisoned falafel?

Regarding Benghazi, why won’t anyone take responsibility? Like “fast and furious,” no one will own up to making a stupid mistake, of course at point in time, “What difference does it make”?

As far as the “tea party” goes, we are exercising our constitutional right to free assembly to protest the abuse and misuse of our tax dollars. The “left” is using smear tactics to denigrate the opposition that they fear the most, the voice of the people. The once silent majority.

Jeff Crocker

Lake Stevens