Let voters decide personal issue

Having read the Thursday article regarding gay marriage, I have a few comments regarding our legislators and the online responses to the article.

First, someone states that I am a bigot if I am against the bill to support gay marriage. I’m tired of being labeled a racist or a bigot if I don’t agree with someone. Why can’t I be allowed to express beliefs that are different than theirs without being ostracized? Should I label them?

Second, our lawmakers state, “It’s such a personal decision it is difficult to make a decision.” Really, what about the public? Don’t you think they have the same problem? Did they ever think about letting the public be part of the decision? It is personal with us, too. Why not put the issue on the ballot to include us since it is so important? This is absolutely shameful of our lawmakers.

Third, they state people who want to make a commitment to each other should be able to do so. People do not need a marriage license to make a commitment to each other. Commitments are made from the heart and mind, not a legal document. Many long-term marriages of 50 years or so are enduring, even though there are many problems along the way, not because of the marriage license, but because of the commitment with or without the license.

I personally believe the overwhelming majority of the public does not approve of gay marriage and the lawmakers also realize it. Therefore they want to exclude us from this very important decision. Gov. Gregoire knew the public opposed gay marriage so she didn’t say anything until she was not running for an elective office to express her true feelings. I am tired of politics as usual and so is the public.

Ed Masar

Mill Creek