Let’s end elections run by big money

The Sunday letter Big bucks on bad ads show priority rightly bemoans the negativity of political ads but misses the most important point: the Big Bucks.

Negativity is the most efficient way to turn big bucks into political power. Information and honesty are irrelevant. But the one thing you can actually believe about any candidate fielding tons of slick TV ads, regardless of party or content, is that the candidate approving those ads owes their political soul to the big money sources that paid for the ads.

This is what has turned our experiment in democracy into a biannual auction of political power in which the wealthy always outbid the People. The real party in power never changes.

Until We the People combine our resources and provide a politically neutral, voluntary funding mechanism for political candidates we will continue to suffer the ill consequences of the Faustian bargain we have made: The Devil pays for campaigns in return for control of our representatives. Nothing will change until we break this bargain.

If youre tired of government by and for Wall Street, Big Insurance, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Oil, etc., tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) currently before both houses of Congress. It provides a politically neutral path to office based on our money and breaks the power of Big Bucks. It already has over 100 congressional supporters. Its politically viable. Nothing will change until this does. Make the call for your country. Visit publicampaign.org.

Ken Dammand