Let’s engage the Mexican cartels

Let me start by saying that I voted against the marijuana initiative, but it passed and now we need to deal with it. In the Nov. 30 article “State seeks experts on how to develop pot industry” I think the state is taking the wrong approach.

They seem to be leaning towards growing it within the state. Can you imagine 50 or 100 acre fields of pot in the Snohomish river valley or in eastern Washington? If you didn’t have an army protecting it, you wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot within three blocks of the place and there wouldn’t be much left to harvest.

If the state did properly protect the crop and prosecuted the people who will most certainly try to help themselves,the cost will be enormous. Solution: Make honest businessmen out of the Mexican cartells and let them worry about protecting the crop, how much to grow and all the other details. They would probably even deliver it to our liquor-board warehouses. The state could set standards on quality of the crop and the cartel’s behavior. The cartel that murders the fewest innocent people will be our preferred supplier.

Charles Barnett