Librarians needed on full-time basis

My name is Sarah Neumeister. I’m 10 years old and in the Summit program at Mukilteo Elementary. Do you know what is happening in the Mukilteo School District? I shared the following with the Mukilteo School Board.

In kindergarten at Picnic Point Elementary, my librarian was Mrs. Miller. When I heard that she was going to be part-time I was shocked! “Why?” I asked.

In kindergarten I was reading at a third grade level and was not challenged by the books in my classroom. Mrs. Miller invited me to come to the library. She introduced me to the Box Car Children, Nancy Drew and many others. As I got older I was reading at a middle school level. It was important for Mrs. Miller to pick out appropriate books for me.

Since I was reading at a high level I used to think that I stuck out, but Mrs. Miller assured me that she was just like me when she was younger. That made me feel special instead of nerdy. This started a special relationship between us; she was always there for me.

At Mukilteo Elementary our librarian is part-time. We don’t get much time to check out books. I miss being able to learn how to use the computer as a research tool.

My new librarian is very nice, but I’m not sure she knows my name.

I’m only one child writing to you, but I’m sure if you went and talked to the teachers and kids you would realize what a terrible decision this is. How can the librarians run two elementary schools? With 610 names in 2012, it will be over 1,300 now! I hope the school district and the school board reconsider this decision.

Sarah Neumeister