Library dopers ruining area

Regarding letters about loiterers at McDonalds on Evergreen and downtown Everett: I live next to the Everett Public Library where I can look out of my fifth-story apartment window upon the library. On any given day I see a cross section of our community smoking dope, legal or illegal, or using banned substances. Additionally, I observe “deals” being made with many juveniles by adults and by juvenile to juvenile. What is especially bothersome is to see parents of toddlers using and dealing the drugs in the presence of these innocents. I have on several occasions called 911 and by the time an EPD officer arrives the guilty individuals are gone, seems to be a lack of urgency by whomever. The late arrival of our “finest” is not a consistent issue but happens too often and is frustrating, not their fault I’m sure.

The constant daily issue of this area of the dopers, the homeless, transients, sex offenders (many in this neighborhood) and the “riff-raff” have turned this public facility into an “illicit hangout” much to the consternation of the users of the library, its dedicated personnel, as well as the residents of the immediate surrounding community. The close proximity of the library of two major schools (within one block) and the safety of their children is of great concern to parents, as well as those of us who live in the immediate area. We as residents feel unsafe to walk the streets in this area because of these unwelcome individuals. They have chosen this public facility to conduct their illegitimate activity, littering, panhandling, unwelcome foul remarks, drunkenness, intimidation, selfish disregard and disrespect for others within this community because very little is being done to discourage their presence! A distinct and stronger police presence and with decisive action to curb their presence in this area would be a much appreciated solution.

Edwin L. Axton