Lighten up salads for Mother’s Day

Really? Wednesday’s Herald recipes for “special” salads to celebrate Mother’s Day contain at least two and in one case, four, — count ‘em, four canned items — along with a container of frozen whipped cream topping. Two of the three recipes feature canned cherry pie filling, which has enough sugar to sweeten a whole year’s crop of fresh fruit. Another “special” salad has instant lemon pudding to highlight its canned fruit and all of them add up to unhealthy, over-packaged, concoctions from the worst kitchens of mid-20th Century America.

We may not be able to pick our own fresh fruit for salads this time of year, but the wonderful grocery stores in our region are resplendent with fresh options that can be combined to make the kind of truly special salads we can make to show our mothers that we care about their health and ours.

You can do better than this.

LJ Stay

Camano Island