Lindsay Lohan’s new low

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Who’s going to play Lindsay? Actress and future “Where Are They Now?” subject Lindsay Lohan faces up to 245 days in jail after her probation for theft was revoked. Lohan, who most recently starred as Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie, “Liz and Dick,” also faces charges stemming from an accident in which her Porsche rear-ended a dump truck.

Taylor’s family earlier panned Lohan’s portrayal but thanked her for making the late actress’ life, which included nine marriages to eight husbands, look like less of a train wreck in comparison.

Papal iPad: With a tap on a tablet computer Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first tweet to 1 million Twitter followers on Wednesday, blessing his online community and urging them to listen to Christ.

Benedict followed that later in the day with answers to followers’ questions, a photo of his grande soy latte from Starbucks and a tweet directed at Lindsay Lohan: “Girl, U messed up.”

Hit the mute button: A new law took effect today that prohibits TV advertisers from blaring the sound of commercials louder than the programs they sponsor.

That should get your a little peace, at least until advertisers figure out how to get Vince the ShamWow guy to follow you when you get up to go into the kitchen or bathroom.