Little big league

Little League may be going strong in Snohomish County, but it’s flagging in other parts of the country, and organizers say they’re looking for ideas on how to get more kids playing baseball.

The Buzz can think of a few ways to revitalize kids’ interest in Little League:

Give players a $25 daily meal voucher at Carl’s Jr.

  • Ban leather-lunged, hypercritical, umpire-baiting parents from the games.

  • Promise all left-handed kids that they have a shot at pitching in the big leagues. This one has the added value of being true.

  • Bring in the right-field fences to 45 feet.

  • Hire a Lou Piniella lookalike and have him do a meltdown after a controversial call by the home-plate umpire.

  • Eliminate the balls, bats and gloves, and play the whole thing on Wii.

    Oh thank heaven: An Arlington man gets to run the Winter Olympics torch today on its way to Vancouver, B.C., thanks to his job — he’s in charge of all 7-Eleven stores in Canada.

    He’ll be the guy with the torch in one hand and a Slurpee in the other.

    — Mark Carlson, Herald staff