Little sympathy for large family

Regarding the June 29 article, “Everett school comes to family’s aid after June 8 fire,” about a single mother of eight young children. They were burned out of their apartment near Casino Road.

What is wrong with this picture? The youngest of the eight is a baby; the oldest child is 12. In the ’50s, I was a single mother with two little boys; I worked hard to support them as child support in those days was a joke, as were wages for trained secretarial/clerical type persons like myself.

Of course, poor is poor and hungry is not good; but to support eight children with “what income”? Perhaps this mother needs to learn why she is having so many children; and the youngest a small baby.

I have lots of sympathy for persons who need help; those who have lost their homes and incomes due to this tragic economy; seniors living on shrinking incomes; persons disabled due to a plethora of situations. But I have litte room for sympathy for this single mother’s plight.

Nancy Booth