Loud, but still in the minority

One would have to be quite naive to believe that FOX’s voice is that of the silent majority, nee The Tea Party. The minority 1 percent is pretty much the puppet master of at least the more extreme right wing of the GOP. Those buying into the Tea Party philosophy have actually been bought by the deep pockets of a wealthy few that hold the levers of power. And despite their protestations to the contrary, theirs is not an independent voice.

Granted the Affordable Care Act was a bit of a botch job, but the passive/aggressive tactics of the Republicans are just as much to blame. They could have had a hand in drafting a much more workable bill, but they left it to the Democrats to throw something together as quickly as possible and toss it in its bastard state through the smallest of windows of opportunity that existed in the ephemeral flowering of social consciousness following the election of the first minority president.

Thomas Munyon


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