Lovely Gold Autumn excellent home

We read so much, these days, about senior citizens being mistreated, abused, and receiving inadequate care in what are supposed to be care facilities. I would therefore be amiss if I did not inform the Herald readers of a facility that provides excellent care to its elderly residents.

It is the Gold Autumn, Adult Family Home, in Edmonds. The home is located on a quiet street, inside is immaculate, completely fresh and clean, and managed by the owner, Dorina, who is also the lead caregiver. She is very friendly with the residents and constantly considering what might make them more comfortable.

My wife was a resident for two and a half years while afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. During that time she was really treated like a family member, and received whatever loving care was required, right to the end. I visited her, almost every day, so was aware of the personal attention and care that the other residents also received. There is never more than six residents, with usually two caregivers available. Most of the food is home cooked, prepared in the kitchen, also snacks are available when desired.

Therefore, I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Gold Autumn, for consideration, when care becomes necessary, for a beloved family member, or close friend.

Ed. Bulger